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Guy Gardner
Player Name/Alias: AF
Personal Livejournal: hotandcoldrp
Contact Info: AIM: Decepticon AF; e-mail: decepticonaf@aol.com

Character Name: Guy Gardner
Source: DC Comics
Desired Clan: Figaro

Background Link: Guy's Wikipedia entry. But I'm also working in a lot from Alan Scott's history, particularly for the ring, since it meshes more easily with the setting.
AU Background: Thousands of years ago, a magical green meteor known as the Starheart fell to Earth and declared that it would act thrice: once to bring death, once to bring life, and once to bring power. The first two parts were fulfilled long before Guy Gardner came around. By this time, the Starheart had been fashioned into a railroad lantern and was in use in the Kingdom of Figaro. After an earthquake that caused a bridge collapse, it came to be in the possession of Guy, one of the passengers on the train. The lantern gave him a magical ring capable of incredible feats and he took on the mantle of Green Lantern. Not long into his new career, he got the bright idea to travel to the province of Mato. It ended poorly for him. Even though he recalled little to nothing of what transpired there exactly, the experience left him a severely changed man—rude, crude, and unhinged, when he'd previously been mild-mannered and polite.
RP Sample: one_punched

(optional sections)
Title: The Green Lantern
Fighting Style: Guy's primary weapon is the Green Lantern power ring. He primarily uses it to form weapons, the exact nature of which depends on the specific fight and is often switched mid-fight anyway to keep his opponent on their toes. Since these weapons are really just extensions of his own willpower, he's much better with them than he'd be with an actual weapon of comparable type. The ring also has two important weaknesses: it has to be recharged with the lantern every 24 hours, and it can't directly affect anything made of wood. Guy is an impulsive, stubborn, and independent fighter. He treats orders as suggestions at best and doesn't afraid of anything never backs down from a challenge, regardless of how stupid not backing down may be. He is, however, fiercely patriotic and loyal to Figaro.

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[The ring was giving him one of those "something about this is wrong" headaches, but Guy was pointedly ignoring it. After all, it was all just a big party, and if there was somebody or something planning to start trouble, he was confident he could handle it. In the meantime, there was no harm in enjoying himself.

To this end, he reached out and gave a random passing girl a friendly ass-smack.

Yup, life was good.

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Well, looky here. If it isn't one of those Tengu journals I've heard about. It's about time they gave one of these things to ol' Guy. If I didn't know better, I'd almost think you people didn't respect me.

The war's supposed to be starting up again soon, isn't it? I can't wait.

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This journal is being used for kingdoms_rp from here on out. If you still have it friended for mayfield_rpg, you will likely want to fix that.


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Looks like it's over. Hmph. If they really wanted to clear some of us out, you'd think they'd let us leave instead of telling us to get to murdering and then dragging in more unfortunate idiots. There's nothing sane behind how this place works, that's for sure.

[ Filtered to Maka ]

You OK, kid?

[ Filtered to Chrona ]

You stay here as long as you want, alright?

[ Filtered to Yukki ]

You coming back, kid?

((Guy has chased his drone-wife out of the kitchen and made breakfast: scrambled eggs and hash browns--they're simple, but well made. There's enough for himself, Maka, Chrona, and, if he stuck around for the night after that log finishes, Soul.))

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Hrmph. Sick. Not that I expect much better from this hellhole. Well, Guy Gardner's no murderer, that's for sure. Looks like it's your lucky break, ....


Huh. Even sicker than I thought. Well, if that's the way you're gonna play, Mayfield, might as well get this over with.

Alright, whoever got the name Guy Gardner with their letter, listen up! If you're crazy enough to want to try and kill me and dumb enough to think you can really pull it off, I'm ready for you. Come and get your spanking.

((Guy is standing out on his front porch with, of all things, a thick, wooden spanking paddle. What, you thought he was speaking metaphorically?))

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Maka and Yukki will probably notice that Guy has the same conversation with his ring every morning without fail.Collapse )

[ Private; easily hackable ]

Mother's Day already, huh? I wonder how Kyle's taking it.

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Geeze, these guys are stubborn, aren't they? Even the kids have a lot of fight in 'em. Of course, they're no match for a veteran ringslinger like ol' Guy, but--

Caution. Power level under ten percent. Caution.

What? I haven't used that much power. I've knocked out a bunch of these drones, but there's no way there's been enough of them to drain the ring's power like that.

Ring, can you explain this?

Power output has been modified: energy drains at a highly accelerated pace.

Y'know, I could've done with hearing that earlier. Can you fix it?


Should've expected that. I'm getting reeeaaaalll tired of this place. Guess I'll just have to stick to good old-fashioned fisticuffs next move.

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Guy has a conversation with his ring.Collapse )

[ Public ]

I guess I'm not the only one who got a nice little letter, am I? Any of you get something useful from it?

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((Guy was brainwashed following his last post and has now recovered. Feel free to assume that drone!Guy held a conversation with your character!))

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