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one_punched's Journal

Guy Gardner
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((RP journal for Guy Gardner from DC Comics for play at kingdoms_rp. Played by hotandcoldrp. History, Personality, etc. located here. Comments, crit, etc. of my playing can be directed here.))
bartending, being a green lantern, being an asshole, being dcu shitkicker, comic books, comics, dc comics, general glory, girls, green lantern, guy gardner, hot chicks, ice, ice maiden, john not jon stewart, john stewart, kilowog, kyle rayner, needs more tora, not batman, not brain damage, not hal jordan, not salaak, not sinestro, relaxing, ring-slinging, shore leave, sometimes bea, things that are awesome, tora, tora olafsdotter, tora tora tora, trouble-shooting, vacations, warrior, women